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WayMouse Mice!

WayMouse Mousery
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WayMouse is a small, smart and ethical mouse breeder located in country Western Australia in a little town called York. I have a large range of mice of many colours, and they are all housed comfortably and correctly in a temperature controlled room.
I know quite a lot about mice, and this helps tremendously when it comes to breeding as I know what I am doing. You can be sure that all baby mice are tame and used to people.

The mousery is focused on texel mice. My goal is to up the interest of people when it comes to mice as pets, and to improve the knowledge of those people. Our babies are sold ONLY to very responsible breeders that I have met brfore, or people looking for pets. No snake food breeders or snake owners. They won't go to people trying to breed to make a quick buck. Nor people with no knowledge.
I will try and be kind when it comes to people wanting their first pet mice, and will supply them with a care booklet.

The mice in the mousery-

My female mice are housed in 4 separate groups of 5 in wire cages, and 1 big group of 10-15 in a 55 gallon. The current female mice can be seen in the journal, under the Females header. New females will be added there within 3 days of getting her.

I try and stick to 8 males maximum. They are kept in individual wire cages side by side, but definately out of reach of each other. The current male mice can be seen in the journal, under the Males header. New males will be added there within 3 days of getting him.

Planned, current, and past litters-

Breeding is pretty occasional, but I try and have one litter a month at least. I only bread the healthiest and tamest mice, and I never breed mice under the age of 3 months! This is to keep the mouse healthy and safe from being 'drained', as this happens to so many unfortunate mice! Planned litters will happen within the next 5 months of the post being written. Suggestions for breedings welcome!

Hope you enjoy searching around the website. Email me for a reservation or more info. :)

Nora Fenn
Breeder and owner, WayMouse